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Simplify, Unify And Automate Your Business. Save Time, Money And Multiply Your Profits!

Our Services are Unlimited. Unique GeoFence Technology, Online Punch in And Out, Human Resources, Payroll, Invoices, Estimates And Much more!

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GeoFence Technology

Time tracking with geofencing prevents buddy punching and guessing at work hours. You can even limit time tracking to set Job sites for greater accuracy.

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XO- Simplicity

Simplify All your Needs in One Platform. Export All your Files to Excel, QuickBooks, and more Into one Seamless Process.

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KeepXO Tracking

Keep Track of Your Companies, Human Resources, Payroll, Employees Time, And Clients Accurate Locations in Real Time.

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Easy to Use

Intuitive And Clean Interface. Minimize Paperwork And Create A Fun Working Environment With Less Stress. People will Love Using It!

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Payroll & HR

Keep Track Of Employees Attendance. Automatically Keeps Records Of Work Hours. Automatic Direct Deposit Payments For All Employees. Seamless Mesh With Accounting Software.

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Work Orders

Work Requests, Preventive Maintenance, Checklists, Time, and Cost Tracking

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Designed For all

Our XO Platform Works For All Industries. From Small Business To Corporate Companies With Unlimited Users.

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Overview, Tasks, Timesheets, Milestones, Gantt, Activity

Time Tracking Software for Your Small Business

Save time and effort tracking employee work hours and payroll calculations with the #1 employee timesheet app. Say goodbye to endless paperwork and messy timesheets. Get started for free now!

App fledged with features

Start your free trial and build custom database web applications to your exact requirements without worrying about coding. Register now. Perfect implementation. Responsive & Adaptive.

  • GeoFence Tracking
  • HR Resources
  • Payroll
  • Sales
  • Customers Leads
  • Work Orders
  • Projects
  • Chat Online

Unique Geofence Technology. Mobile apps and the dashboard streamline work for owners, managers, and crews alike..

Skip the hassle of paper time cards or texting in hours, One-time setup streamlines future scheduling and time tracking, GPS apps won’t drain phone batteries, Customizable, per-user features, Notifications make it clear what’s being tracked and when, Everything is organized and recorded in one place.

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Automatically Capture Every Minute of Employee Time

The KeepXO time clock app replaces expensive hardware, paper time cards and error-prone manual systems with pinpoint accurate activity-based time tracking.

  • Automatically track employee time based on their computer activity when they log in and out of their devices.
  • Enable manual time via the KeepXO online time clock to give your team flexibility and capture missed time.
  • Pay teams for hours worked. With time tracking limited to geofenced locations, you can rest assured that payments are spot-on. Pay them faster by adding hourly rates in KeepXo

Take the work out of work orders

Maintenance shouldn’t mean guesswork and paperwork. KeepXO makes it simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.

  • More accurately track time on projects and tasks across teams to better manage employee time and maximize ROI.

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